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Using Automation Where Automation Works

“…I have written about this in the Wall Street Journal and I think it is really really fundamental.  Which is you are not going to solve shortages of workers by throwing workers at them so you need AUTOMATION where you know it can work…There is a lot of AUTOMATION that can happen…”  Exekiel Manual with The Wharton School of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Skilled Nursing (SNF) Resident Admissions
Reducing Legal Risk from not having proper forms and documentation signed. Flowtrics AI is partnered with PointClickCare to automate your documents and tasks. Administration, Social Services, Admissions, Onboarding and HR, Medical Records, DON, and Dietary all have a need for Flowtrics workflows.
Oboarding with Flowtrics
HR, Onboarding & Training Employees
Because you need quality time NOT Processes....Flowtrics makes the flow and hiring, training and on-boarding easy. It automates the paperwork and processes to help any organization’s HR streamline workflows to effectively manage data and automate Onboarding, training, communicating, developing, and managing the complete employee lifecycle.
Higher Education Management
Higher Education - Universities
Education Workflow Automation... Flowtrics education workflow automation makes the flow and processes of the Students, Deans, Faculty, and Staff easy to communicate, fill, sign, distribute and follow up.
Law Firm Contract-Management
Legal Solution Management
Flowtrics ECM and contract management helps with the legal process. Streamline workflows with a task automation. Track tasks, contracts, documents and the flow of your matter. Let Flowtrics help your firm do what they do best and let us manage the paperwork.
Health Care Operations
- Patient Onboarding and workflow to take data and send it to different locations
Document-Management with Flowtrics
Government - Municipals & Schools Districts
Speed and efficiency are the keywords characterising our Support team! If you have any questions regarding Monstroid2, they are ready to help!
Real Estate Transaction Management Flowtrics
Real Estate Transaction Managment
Ever wish you could set a transaction process and it communicate with Photographers, Inspectors, Sign Installers, Escrow Officers and anyone else in the Transaction...Well, Now you can with Flowtrics Workflow Automation.
Mortgage Workflows Flowtrics
Lending and Mortagage Workflows
Flowtrics enhances communication and collaboration among stakeholders, facilitating smoother interactions between borrowers, loan officers, and underwriters. Ultimately, Flowtrics optimizes the mortgage and lending process, improving efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Flowtrics AI

Put Your Workflows on auto-Pilot.

Flowtrics incorporates the most recent developments of AI to implement into Content Management Processes and Workflows.  Workflow Automation decreases workloads and expenses through automation of task, forms, documents, eSignatures and Data.

AI Content Wizard

Effortlessly upload your documents and let Flowtrics-AI spring into action. Watch as it diligently reads, analyzes, and extracts vital information, all while conducting comprehensive data analysis on your behalf.

AI Document & Form Builder

Design and Monitor limitless custom fields while harnessing the power of intuitive WYSIWYG custom editors. Effortlessly craft essential web forms and PDF documents tailored to seamlessly integrate within your unique workflows.

Form and Documentation Flow Automation

Streamline and expedite the form-filling process by automating the population of vital custom fields within your created forms. Experience swift and efficient form completion like never before.

TaskFlow - Process Intelligence

Flowtrics AI Chat allows you to create fast, customized information at the speed of automaton. Have Chat answer questions, write documents, create forms and more.

Flowtrics AI Chat

Experience the next level of efficiency with Flowtrics AI Chat. Unleash lightning-fast, tailor-made information creation powered by automation. Let Chat effortlessly respond to queries, generate documents, design forms, and tackle any other task that comes to mind, all at the speed of automation.

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No Code Custom Application for Workflow Automation

Flowtrics AI Workflow.

Build your appFlows with the help of our WYSIWYG Form builder, with Built in AI – Optical Character Recognition mixed with Natural Processing language. Flowtrics will help you complete or create data for any form – no coding necessary.

WebForms and PDF Form Builder

Flowtrics Form Builder

Impliment any form into your Business Process Intelligence Developed to enhance functionality anywhere in your business

Build Forms Faster Than any other System
Plug into your worklfows to Automate Process
Easy To Use, Edit, Manage and Control
No Coding to builde any custom forms

Finally You can Build Your Platform the Way you need it!

Complete Toolbox.

Effortlessly create, streamline, and oversee your operations and workflows using a comprehensive suite of tools designed to seamlessly integrate Artificial Intelligence where it makes a difference.

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Want an Idea of what Flowtrics Artificial Intelligence workflow is all about?

presentation of Flowtrics AI Workflow

AI Doc Mapping-min
AI Field Creator

Flowtrics AI Reads Documents and extracts the important data

Autofill - Flowtrics-min
Form AutoFiller

Flowtrics simplifies the lives of its users through its autofill feature, allowing individuals to conveniently input information in a single popup form that then automatically populates all relevant documents and pages within the project, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

Kanban View-min
KanBan Workflow

The Kanban view is vital for business workflows, offering visual task mapping and real-time tracking that enhances collaboration and decision-making. It optimizes processes, ensuring businesses operate with precision and adaptability.

Workflow Diagram-min
Workflow Automation

The Flowtrics Workflow Diagram visually maps out processes and decision points, enabling automated action identification, streamlined operations, and heightened efficiency in business automation.

PDF Form Creator-min
Form Builder WYSIWYG

Design any PDF Form or WebForm to push into any process

What our customers are saying

Flowtrics— New Generation of Workflow.

Great Core Management
We have worked with this company since the beginning and liked what they said they would be able to eventually do. They have managed to do everything they said they would do.
JC Davis — Administrator
California, USA
Awesome Signature Tool
I really wasn't expecting such and extensive e-signature feature. It is really amazing what they have put together
David Mauled — Administrator
Georgia, USA

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