Flowtrics Workflow Automation
Fundamental Change in the flow
Workflow Automation & Collaboration
for Tasks, Contracts, Forms, Documents and Data for all Departments

Simplicity as a Service:
Combine Software & Embrace Automation

Fundamental Change in the flow

Recognized for best Automation with:
HR Workflow - Education Workflow - Health Care Workflow - Contract Workflow - Client Onboarding Workflow

WYSIWYG Form Builder + Custom Data Fields
HTML Forms, Surveys, Trainings, and Journeys+
Automation: Workflow & Matter Management
Manage Internal and External Processes for any group.
Autofiill PDF Forms, Contracts & eSignatures
Contracts, PDF Forms, and complete eSign software
CORE Management for all Departments
Single platform to track all CORE business for all departments

Using Automation where Automation works.

“…I have written about this in the Wall Street Journal and I think it is really really fundamental.  Which is you are not going to solve shortages of workers by throwing workers at them so you need AUTOMATION where you know it can work…There is a lot of AUTOMATION that can happen…”  Exekiel Manual with The Wharton School of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Forms, Contracts & eSignatures
Automate Contracts, Documents and Forms

Flowtrics replaces expensive and time-consuming processes for contracts and forms with the WYSIWYG Workflow editor.  Don’t pay high prices to prepare contracts or forms.  Create them in minutes and assign workflows to the contract or form so each party can quickly fill and sign any document and route it to the correct location automatically when finished.

Workflow Automation
Process Intelligence and Task Management

Powerful Workflow Automation for assignments of tasks to relevant parties and automatic task re-configuration according to responses in the workflows with Robotic Process Intelligence.  Workflows have been designed to automate any process and trigger documents, forms, contracts, emails, and anything related to the flow.

Big Data and Analytical Metrics
Solving more complex solutions and situations with advanced data metrics

Increase visibility in data through forms that have previously never been analyzed.  Find new Metrics within your paper forms—aggregation and analyzing data within documents to grow your business.  You can maximize your business insights and increase productivity by 30 percent.

Enterprise Content Management
Leading ECM Platform

Flowtrics is the document management solution that enables an enterprise or organization to organize, access, store, search, retrieve, secure, and share files without compromise. This allows all crucial parties the information necessary to make critical decisions.

Core Matter Management
Custom content for operating your core business

Flowtrics combines, manages, and tracks all your core business, and workflow needs to document, track, collaborate, and store all matters in one platform.  With Custom Field Management is can include Matter Management, Case Management, Employee, Student, Contractor or Any Management.  Custom field management ensures you gather data relevant to your company and processes.

Augmented Communications
Great Businesses start with communication

Reduce the wasted time of endless calls and consistent back-and-forth communication. With Flowtrics, you are enabled with better, real-time team collaboration within your organization.  Additionally, our broadcast feature quickly updates large groups of people from your system.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

Complete data & document automation together with Enterprise Content Management – ECM

PAS meets ECM? Wait WHAT?

Use your time better with Process Automation Software and allow it to interact with Enterprise Content Management to give you a fully flexible and customizable platform to create your flows and allow your documentation and contracts to be processed, filled and managed effectively.

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Double entry issues and additional services?

Flowtrics APIs coordinate with many existing platforms needed to push essential data and information.   It allows you to grow and automate other key platforms to create an ecosystem working together.  Systems like payroll, legal services, HR consulting, and more can all be automated and linked together to communicate effectively.

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