Fundamental Change in the Flow of Paper Forms and Data.

Digitize, Automate and Manage your complete workflow of any piece of paper for your organization

Data and Paper Work Flow Automation

Flowtrics interactive processes automation turn any piece of paper into an online document form that can be automated and analyzed workflow.

So you can do what you do best!

The #1 system for Communication and Complete Paper Form Conversion for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health, and All Health Care Practices.

Work flows
with flowtrics.

flowtrics keeps you connected to your team with automation, interactive workflows and secure legally binding eSignatures.

Increase Revenues
with flowtrics.

Flowtrics interactive processes and form flows allow for growth and decreased expenses.

The new Hands-On Approach to safe business

flowtrics allows employees and the people surrounding those people to work safely in the new norm of a Covid environment.

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Our Products

Form Management and eSignatures
Streamline documents and forms

Flowtrics is an eForm and PDF Form Creator that manages forms.  Adding form fields and signatures to any PDF or HTML Form is easy – draw it, write it, or upload an image to create your electronic signature.

Enterprise Content Management
Leading ECM Platform

Flowtrics is the document management solution that intelligently organizes your files to simply search, access, and share without compromise.

Core Case Management
All content managed for operating your core business

Flowtrics manages and tracks all your core business and workflow needs to propel your business forward.

Big Data and Analytical Metrics
Solving more complex solutions and situations with advanced data metrics

Increase visibility in data through forms that have previously never been analyzed.  Find new Metrics within your paper forms.  Aggregation and analyzing data within documents for the purpose of growing your business.  You can maximize your business insights and increase productivity by 30 percent.

Automated Workflow
Process Intelligence and Task Management

Sequencing processes from initiation to completion through a combination of Tasks and Robotic Process Intelligence

Augmented Communications
Great Businesses start with communication

Reduced the wasted time of endless calls and consistent back-and-forth communication. With Flowtrics, you are enabled with better, real time team collaboration within your organization with enhanced in-app communication and any parties outside the system with flowtrics broadcast for group updates.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.


Complete data & document automation together with Enterprise Content Management – ECM

PAS meets ECM? Wait WHAT?

Use your time better with Process Automation Software and allow it to interact with Enterprise Content Management to give you a fully flexible and customizable platform to create your flows and allow your documentation and contracts to be processed, filled and managed effectively.

Watch the following video to learn more:

But what about growing my business by scheduling more cases?

Flowtrics is a unique solution because our AI plays Tetris with your calendar to maximize the timeslots of the cases in your facility.  It allows all surgeons to openly schedule available timeslots and start the automated flows required by the facility to accept the case.

Watch the following video to learn more:

Loved by successful businesses everywhere.

Recognized as one of the best solutions on the market

What our customers are saying

Awesome Signature Tool

I really wasn’t expecting such an extensive signature feature.  It is really amazing what they have put together

David Mauled


Great Core Management

We have worked with this company since the beginning and liked what they were saying they could offer.  They have managed to do everything they said they could do and made it really easy on our Nursing and Staff.

JC Davis