Transforming Contract Management: Flowtrics Software for Streamlined Contract Lifecycle Automation

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Definition:

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) refers to the systematic process of handling contracts throughout their entire lifecycle, from creation and negotiation to execution, management, and eventual expiration or renewal. CLM involves various stages, including contract drafting, review, approval, signing, monitoring, and compliance. It aims to streamline and optimize all contract-related activities, ensuring that contracts are created, managed, and enforced efficiently while mitigating risks and maximizing value. CLM software solutions, like Flowtrics Formflow and Contract Management Software, automate and facilitate these processes, enhancing collaboration, reducing manual errors, improving compliance, and providing better visibility into contractual obligations and opportunities.



Re-imagining Contract Lifecycle Management:
The Power of Flowtrics Software

Embark on a transformative journey in contract lifecycle management with Flowtrics Formflow and Contract Management Software. Designed to cater to organizations, companies, and educational institutions, our solution revolutionizes the automation of tasks and workflows throughout the contract lifecycle. This encompassing approach extends its benefits to General Counsel, Law Firms, Legal Institutions, and a diverse array of businesses seeking refined management of contracts and forms. Flowtrics Software redefines the landscape of contract management, offering a powerful and comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique demands of each sector.

Automate the Contract Lifecycle - Negotiate, Approve, sign, store & search all of your contracts seamlesly

Collaborate with a group,  track changes, and work on the document from your favorite cloud apps like Google Docs and Microsoft Word.  When finished, push into an automated workflow that will gather signatures and disperse agreements through completion and storage of the contract. 

Automate Redundant Contracts

Automate redundant contracts like NDA’s, Sales Agreement, Commercial Leases, etc…  What used to take 6-8 hours can now be made in a few minutes. 

Additionally, free your lawyers to focus on higher value work and have Flowtrics Attorneys review your redundant contracts.

Integrate form data and documents with other systems important to your business

Populate data into contracts from other systems or push data from the contracts into other needed systems.


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