Forms & Petitions (Example University- click on any form below)

Academic Forms

Change of Address UG
Change your address here and everything updates.
Change of Name Form UG
Need to change your name... No Problem.
Change of Major Form UG
Review steps for changing your major.
Minor Application UG
Review and Execute application for minor.

University Forms

Contracted or Extra Services Pay Request UG
For every individual who is primarily providing services for this university
Supervisor Class Evaluation UG
For the evaluation of the Classroom Environment: Evaluator & Instructor.
Travel Authorization Request UG
Travel authorization and no later than 5 days prior to departure
Travel Reimbursement Claim UG
Reimbursement of all expenses regardless of payment method during travel.

Flowtrics Form and Workflow Automation Strategies for your Institution

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any form, give it an electronic workflow, make it a template and just sit back and let it run itself.

Office of Registrar

Leave of Absence UG
Click here to start the process of your leave of absence
Double Major Application UG
Understand what a double major entails.
Course Syllabus Checklist UG
Lets get an overview of the Course Syllabus
Emergency Contract UG
Review and fill out your emergency contact