Why use document automation?

   Since the beginning of time, documentation has been a game-changer among civilizations. Great civilizations have been created and destroyed by documents.  Our ancestors made a great effort to preserve essential facts about significant events that shaped our yore. Information about our history was recognized and preserved through throughout centuries. 

Fast forward to our day, processes rely on the information that we get every day. It is an essential part of whom we will become. Now in the business world, different ways of documentation have been created.  However, it is a time consuming process to fill paper documents, photocopying paper pages, and to whatever extent paper has gone through. 

Paperless brings greater revenue to your business.

In any case that we are using papers, we have to keep in mind that buying it involves money, though a small amount of money was spent at first, when unused it will be found in the trash cans, meaning the money is put directly in the trash can! Imagine a pile of papers stacked in a file room, and once needed, a worker will tediously take a longer time to navigate where that paper is. 

Paperworks involve the tedious job of organizing, capturing, and managing information. After so many years of data process experience, we have come to this digital age. Thus it allows us to access information on hand without lifting many folders. 

Now, introducing a document automation system that will get you to a higher level regardless of organization, whether in admissions, administration or even if one had just started one’s business!

A New solution to paper documentation problems

Flowtrics is a cloud-based automation tool that fundamentally changes and automates any organization’s workflows and paper flow documentation. It can turn whatever paper forms you have to pdf, tabular, and Html forms. 

It eliminates the following paper document storage issues such as:

  1. Wasted time trying to find a specific physical file copy.
  2. Real estate for file storage.
  3. Security breaches can lead to tight penalties.
  4. Losing documents altogether because of natural disasters (like fires, hurricanes, storms), man-made errors (spilled coffee, typo errors), and other business interruptions.

The best document automation system is flowtrics!

We aim to be the best, so we aim to grow to help fulfill the needs of our clients. We aspire to simplify processes to give back your time and focus on more important things to help you capture, store, manage, preserve, and deliver content and documents that result in higher productivity and revenues.

In Conclusion, the new way of documentation using flowtrics will better help everyone improve their processes, and it promotes paperless and convenient uses; thus, we can bring you to a higher level of managing your system matched with better and more affordable price.

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