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Flowtrics workflow automation makes the flow and processes of the Students, Deans, Faculty, and Staff easy to communicate, fill, sign, distribute and follow up.

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Because they need you NOT Processes

Flowtrics makes the flow and processes of the school easy to communicate and follow up.

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Without Flowtrics - PDF Postings for forms and manual process

Every Higher Education has this same issue.  We are digital because we post PDF URL’s.  But from there everything is manual.  The end user downloads the Form, prints it, signs it and then takes it to other necessary parties or emails it to them to then do the same process.  It is then submitted by email to a department who takes the form and runs it through internal processes until it is scanned and filed or uploaded.

With Flowtrics - Truly Paperless Transformation where entire form workflow is automated

FLOWTRICS makes this process a thing of the past with Flowtrics workflow automation.  A new URL will trigger a list of events that allows the documents

Also Serving the following industries

From documents, forms, and contract management to Workflow Automation and Communication, making an informed decision takes the right solution for your industry needs.  Flowtrics delivers everything you need neatly in the cloud-ready when you are.

Universities and Higher Education Solutions

Flowtrics helps Higher Education manage forms and documents for their students and families.  Tired of clicking on a url and downloading a PDF to fill out and sign and email back.  Let flowtrics help automate your processes.

B2B, B2C, Legal Counsel and HR

Flowtrics helps any company that manages contracts or forms in their business.  Whether a business is selling to another business and needs contract management or they are managing customers and clients.  The process is complex, and we create Workflows to manage the entire process.

Legal Solution Management Services

Flowtrics ECM and contract management helps with the legal process.  Streamline workflows with a task automation.  Track tasks, contracts, documents and the flow of your matter.  Let flowtrics help your firm do what they do best and let us manage the paperwork.

Health Care
Skilled Nursing Homes, Surgery Centers, Doctors' Offices

Flowtrics leads the industry on the most up to date dynamic forms and scheduling.  Surgery Centers and Skilled Facilities are increasing revenues by allowing flowtrics to manage their processes.  Let flowtrics help your Health Care organization manage and automate your flows.

Administrative, HR, Zoning, Permits & Building

Flowtrics helps municipals across the country manage their online forms, streamline tasks and manage contracts.  From engineering permits, planning, HR, and administrative use departments and services.  Let Flowtrics help you manage the process of your online forms so you can help the people of your community.

Real Estate & Mortgage
Mortgage & Real Estate Transactions Management

Flowtrics is a complete Mortgage & Real Estate Solution for transaction management and allows brokers and agents to manage an entire transaction from end to end. Manage your leads, assign them to a transaction, and handle all documents and forms through the close of the transaction.

Complete data & document automation together with Enterprise Content Management – ECM

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.