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Our education workflow automation solution is designed to enhance your institution’s overall productivity, reduce errors, and improve communication between staff and students. Join the many educational institutions already benefiting from our platform and take your institution’s performance to the next level.

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Education Workflow Automation

Flowtrics education workflow automation makes the flow and processes of the Students, Deans, Faculty, and Staff easy to communicate, fill, sign, distribute and follow up.

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Because they need you NOT Processes

Flowtrics makes the flow and processes of the school easy to communicate and follow up.

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Our Education Workflow Automation solutions empower universities and other institutions to replace static PDF forms with dynamic automated forms:

Without Flowtrics:
PDF Form Postings create problematic manual processes.

Every University and College has this same issue when it comes to education workflow automation.  Registrar forms and other Form URLs are digital because forms are posted as Downloadable PDF’s.  But from there, everything is manual.  The end user downloads the Form, prints, fills and signs and sends to next person to continue same process.  It is then submitted by email to a department that takes the form and runs it through internal processes to do the same.

With Flowtrics:
True Paperless Transformation where workflow is automated.

Flowtrics takes this manual process and makes it a thing of the past with Flowtrics workflow automation.  A new URL link that replaces the current PDF link will trigger an automated workflow with a list of events that allows the documents and forms to run through a process, allowing all parties to fill, sign and continue the process.  

Try Our Example University Forms Page

We have built an example University Forms site that will show you how we convert all your current PDF forms into an Automated Workflow Process.

Automate Workflows to increase productivity and avoid back stacking.

86% of the Faculty and Staff interviewed say forms processes and over-rides are the biggest bottle neck they encounter. 

Flowtrics makes this problem is a thing of the past.  Documents, forms, and contracts are all automated from a managed workflow that can be customized and redirected with a click of a button.   Flowtrics delivers everything you need neatly in the cloud-ready when you are.

Autofill Form Data

Flowtrics can autofill any information to populate forms, automate reports and guide future progress.  No more filling documents over and over:  Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff can save hours and hours by automating permission based data to their forms.

Paperless ECM & eSignatures

Our platform incorporates ECM- Enterprise Content Management and advanced eSignatures which empowers your institution to build tailored solutions to any form, document, or workflow that will allow you to manage, store, direct, and preserve any record.

Custom Forms Creation

Flowtrics puts the power in your hands with an all-encompassing WYSIWYG editor that allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of any form, document, eSignature, Contract or task within your institution.

Workflow Automation

With Flowtrics workflow automation, any department can make a flow of tasks, information, contracts, and documents work together or independently according to defined business triggers and rules.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

Complete data & document automation together with Enterprise Content Management – ECM
Flowtrics is also valuable to other areas of Higher Education:

From documents, forms, and contract management to Workflow Automation and Communication, making an informed decision takes the right solution for your industry needs.  Flowtrics delivers everything you need neatly in the cloud-ready when you are.

Human Resources

Onboard Faster with automated workflows, tasks, documents, forms and contracts.  Prepare all contracts, forms, documentation, and tasks for a new employee with a click of a button. The entire process is automated with the template, just sit back and let it work for you.

Registrar & Student Records

The Registrar and Student Records are the largest source of data an institution has.  However, until now, all these documents were manual and difficult.  With Flowtrics, transcript requests, Changes, petitions, declarations, resident status, major declarations, and much more are all automated and controlled by the University.

Graduate Studies, Exchange Programs and other Colleges

Flowtrics helps Higher Education manage forms and documents for their students and families.  Graduate Studies, Exchange Programs and Colleges within the Universities have documents and forms that they require as well.

Administration, Controller and Compliance

Flowtrics leads the industry on the most up-to-date dynamic forms and scheduling.  Administrations succeed when they allow flowtrics to manage their processes because it frees up a lot of time to do what they do best.  Spend more time with Students.  Let flowtrics help you’re administration manage and automate their flows.

Student Body, Clubs & Sports

This is a tremendous tool to keep a pulse on the Student body.  Discover progress and frustrations before they become a problem with Flowtrics Surveys and Evaluation Management tools.  In addition, many forms and documents are needed for the clubs, student groups, and sports to continue with the activity.  Flowtrics allows you the tools to create new data structures to match each one of your groups.

Legal Affairs & Legal Council

Legal Solution Management Services – Legal Counsel

Flowtrics ECM and contract management help with the legal process.  Streamline workflows with task automation: track tasks, contracts, documents, and the flow of your matter.  Let flowtrics help your legal department do what they do best, and let us manage the paperwork.

Institutional Advancement

The bread and butter of any organization is institutional advancement.  Many forms and documents are needed to track where institutional investments come from.  Keep track of donors and assets in the institution.  Communicate with broadcast messages and follow up with the most important donors.  Never forget essential reminders and documents needed to get the funding done and submitted on time.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid has many documents and forms they fill and store.  Students need to get their records updated and submitted on time each year to stay eligible for grants, scholarships, and financial aid.  Let flowtrics automate this process and remind them, follow up with them and help the student fill everything and get it turned in on a timely basis.

Health Care, Government, Procurment and much more...

Medical forms, Government Forms, Graduation Forms, Procurement Forms, and many other forms can all be done with Flowtrics.  Any paper, contract, or document can be created in the system, and departments can be made to oversee the form structure.  Let Flowtrics help you manage the process of your online forms so you can help the people of your community.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.