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Home Health & Hospice
Providing document, form and contract automation workflow to all areas of Home Health And Hospice

Administration, Social Services, Admissions, New Employee On-boarding and HR, and Medical Records need Flowtrics workflows.

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Communication and Document Automation Software
Home Health & Hospice

Automate and manage your complete workflow for your business from admissions to discharge with Task Automation.

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HR, Onboarding and Training New Employees
Because you need quality time NOT Processes

Flowtrics makes the flow and hiring, training, and onboarding easy. It automates the workflows of paperwork, processes, tasks, videos, surveys, and tests to communicate, follow up and ensure an easy onboarding process with all parties.

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Home Health and Hospice replace static PDF forms with dynamic automated forms

Without Flowtrics:
Paper and PDF Forms create problematic manual processes.

Case Admissions processes are paper and require a significant amount of time to highlight and tag every location to fill out and sign.  Then they have to print two sets and ensure everything is signed and the Residents family receives a copy.  Everything is manual and, according to research, doesn’t get signed and stored correctly 60% of the time.  This is a huge liability and a time-consuming process for the admissions employees that could be doing more practical tasks with their time.

With Flowtrics:
True Paperless Transformation where workflow is automated.

Flowtrics takes the manual process of Case onboarding and makes it a thing of the past with Flowtrics workflow automation.  A new URL link will replace the current paperwork and trigger an automated workflow with a list of events that allows the documents and forms to run through an automated workflow process, allowing all parties to fill, sign and streamline the process from anywhere.  When finished, everyone receives a copy and then the documents are securely stored for future uses.

Home Health & Hospice Workflow Automation

Streamline documents, forms and contracts

Flowtrics is an eForm and PDF Form Creator that manages and automates forms.  Create custom fields needed to track and fill any document or form needed in any department of your organiztion.

Adding form fields and eSignatures to any PDF is easy.

Flowtrics helps each department within the Home Health and Hospice digitize their documentation:  Admissions, Medical Records, HR,, Dietary and Administration all benefit.

Complete ECM platform for skilled facilities

Flowtrics is the document management solution that intelligently organizes your files to simply search, access, and share without compromise.

Flowtrics helps Home Health and Hospice decrease the pressure to improve care by improving communication, documentation and processes to give you the back the gift of time and to increase net revenues.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

Workflow Task and Process Intelligence Automation

No more manual processes with Flowtrics Workflow Automation.  All forms, documents, contracts, and tasks are all automated with process intelligence changing the workflow according to the status of the tasks.  Create your processes in any department of your business and sit back and let the workflow automation do the work.

Flowtrics enables you to automate redundant tasks to spend time analyzing and executing steps to grow your core business.

Admissions, HR and All Departments within the SNF have manual paperwork processes.

Admissions is a form intensive process.  Admissions docs need to be signed by the Patient or the Family.  It takes admissions 2 hours per new Resident to print 2 packages, mark and highlight everywhere that needs to be filled with an e-signature.  The paper is expensive and the time is expensive when Admissions could be doing a lot of other things.  In addition, storage costs are an additional expense.  Then the process starts all over again when you go to discharge the resident from the facility.

Enter Flowtrics Workflow Automation and Form filling feature.  The entire process is cut down to a single click which creates a workflow customized for Admissions.  Work that used to take hours can now be done with a click of a button.

Automate HR Onboarding with Flowtrics workflow

New hires and onboarding are difficult processes for HR.  It is expensive and time consuming.  With turnover rates in Home Health and Hospice, there a continual push for new employees.  With that, there is a lot of paperwork that has to be prepared that takes HR hours to finish per employee. On top of that, the expense of training the new employee.  The complete first day is spent mainly on filing out paperwork.

Flowtrics Workflow Automation turns this process into a click of a button and everything is set up in 15 mins and allows the employee to do the majority of the task list and forms in the comfort of their own home.  Let Flowtrics automate your workflow with Flowtrics.