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HR, Onboarding and Training New Employees
Because you need quality time NOT Processes

Flowtrics makes the flow and hiring, training and onboarding easy. It automates the paperwork and processes to communicate and follow up with all parties.

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)

Onboard Faster: Automated workflows of tasks, documents, forms, and contracts.

With Flowtrics, everything is faster. Save four (4) hours per employee and now prepare all contracts, forms, documentation, and tasks with a click of a button. The entire process is automated in with the template, just sit back and let it work for you.  This allows more time to monitor and manage everything more effectively, catch errors, and allocate a lot more money and time towards other areas.

Automate Repetitive Routines & Enhance Interactivity

Improve communication in the onboarding process.  Interactive Task List allows flowtrics Process Intelligence workflow to engage and communicate needs effectively.  Ask questions, Chat and watch interactive videos to make the process more understandable and memorable.  According to a recent survey by WZOwl, (73%) of people would prefer to learn about information by watching a short video.  With communication and interactive video, this engagement stimulates the mind to remember and retain the information better.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

Organize Data Better

Organize data better with custom employee databases to allow better control of the system with custom dynamic fields and data management.  Securely store all data files and documents for quick reference or use Bi-Directional updates with Flowtrics API’s for other software the company interacts with.  Employees and HR can manage and update data to ensure information is up to date. With everything in one location, quickly find data and documents with ease.

Employee Engagement Software: Everyone works together and continually monitors the company's pulse with employee feedback.

Employee Engagement Software is probably the most critical piece to growth.  Happy employees, happy life, they say, right?  In all seriousness, employees and clients are the most vital assets.  Like clients,  a lot of work attracts and sells the employee to the business.  The company wants the employee to stay for a long time.  Investing in suitable feedback mechanisms for employees is equally as crucial as for clients or customers.   That is why flowtrics allows every tool to interact within the system and send out quality surveys to get feedback and monitor the temperature of the current work environment.

Workflow Task and Process Intelligence Automation

No more manual processes with Flowtrics Workflow Automation.  All forms, documents, contracts, and tasks are all automated with process intelligence changing the workflow according to the status of the tasks. Create processes in any department, sit back, and let the workflow automation do the work.

Flowtrics enables you to automate redundant tasks to spend time analyzing and executing new steps to grow.