flowtrics workflow, task, form and contract automation decreases workloads and expenses
Contract Management
Negotiate, Approve, Fill, eSign and Mange the entire process
Process Intelligence for Automated Tasks Flows
Complete matter management and workflow automation.
WYSIWYG Form builder for Any Form
PDF Forms, HTML Web Forms, and Tabular Forms = All Forms
Core, Contact & Company
Single platform for most important elements of business

Great experiences start with flowtrics automation

At flowtrics, we believe the ease of scheduling surgeries and proper  workflows are your most valuable assets because it leads to increased surgeries. It’s why we’ve built flowtrics to serve the needs of Surgery Centers and Skilled Health Care Providers.

Why flowtrics?

Lets get to the Point.  Flowtrics increases revenues and makes everyone involved in the process happy.  With the ease of form automation,  submitting documents and being looped in on the status comes with a click of a button.  All companies and facilities enjoy having their revenues increase.


  • Single Click Workflow Automation
  • Eliminate or Automate previously manual processes with Flowtrics Automatic Work Flow
  • Forms Editor to create any type of form including PDF Forms, Tabular Forms, and HTML Forms. 
  • It’s simple and user friendly and accessible anywhere/
  • Its HIPAA compliant
  • Central Hub for easy communication between everyone involve

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your document flow.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

What’s New with Flowtrics?

We are proud to announce HTML Forms have been released to complement the PDF Forms and the Tabular Forms to give you the complete form library.  Now you can create any type of form you need to flow data where it needs to be.