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eForms, Surveys and eSignatures

Flowtrics WYSIWYG Creator allows you to easily create custom fields to automate your eforms, HTML Forms, surveys or any form for an all-in-one form management tool.

PDF Forms. Contracts & eSignatures

Flowtrics WYSIWYG Form Automation Creator allows you to easily create custom fields to automate PDF and Paper forms, Contracts, and Tabular Forms. #1 Cloud Document management

Task Workflows and Process Intelligence

Automate a complete task flow with a click of a button.  Set up internal and external task lists so outside users are involved in the flow.  Set priorities, action types, triggers and auto assigning.

ECM, Document & Core Management

Flowtrics Enterprise Content Management, the entire workflow document lifecycle is at your fingertips.  Content Capture, Content Management, Content Delivery and Content Retention.

Complete Platform - All Inclusive BEST VALUE!!!

Everything above in one single plan to access all your forms, documents, contracts, eForms, eSignatrues, Tasks, Communication, Workflows, ECM and 3C’s all under one roof for the strongest Business tool in the industry.   Flowtrics Process intelligence, allows creates synergy with the entire application as a single unit and allows you to take the next step in Task Automation.

Enterprise - Multi Organization & Multi Office

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This takes you to the next level of integrations and white labeling and unlimited everything!!!

Loved by successful businesses worldwide.

Change the game so you can go back to doing what you do best!

Flowtrics workflow automation will allow your organization to free up a lot of time and money by automating processes and redundant work so you can manage the contract, forms, documents, and tasks involved in the process.

Great experiences start by trying something new:

 Flowtrics is a cloud-based tool to manage the complete workflow of any process or contract.  Automate any process and gather data, create any type of form,  auto-fill those forms, escalate e-signatures, and store everything in a complete ECM to manage the flow of your process and documents. Finally, because it contains core data, Flowtrics offers a batch broadcasting feature for notifications like COVID updates to any important parties.

What our customers are saying

Awesome Signature Tool

I really wasn’t expecting such an extensive signature feature.  It is really amazing what they have put together

David Mauled


Great Core Management

We have worked with this company since the beginning and liked what they were saying they could offer.  They have managed to do everything they said they could do and made it really easy on our Nursing and Staff.

JC Davis