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Flowtrics workflow automation makes the flow and processes for the Brokers, Agents, Buyers, and Sellers easy to communicate, fill, sign, distribute and follow up with the real estate transaction.

Real Estate Automation
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Real Estate is for Real-ationships!

Automate and manage the complete workflow for everyone involved in the Real Estate Transactions. Let's give you back the gift of time!!

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The TOTAL SOLUTION for GROWING any Real Estate Business

Ever wish you could set a transaction process and it communicate with Photographers, Inspectors, Sign Installers, Escrow Officers and anyone else in the Transaction...Well, Now you can with Flowtrics Workflow Automation.

WorkFlow Bottleneck

Without Flowtrics:
Transactions Management creates problematic manual processes.

Every Real Estate Company has this similar issue.  Registrar forms and other Form URLs are digital because forms created through MLS.  But from there, everything is manual.  The end user is not informed of processes and everything goes manual.   Updating clients, requesting information, and dispersing information is all manual.

Transaction Management Automation

With Flowtrics:
True Workflow Transformation where Real Estate Transaction is automated.

Flowtrics takes this manual process and makes it a thing of the past with Flowtrics workflow automation.  A process intelligent task list will trigger for an automated workflow with a list of events that allows the documents and forms to run through a process, allowing all parties to communicate, collaborate and continue the process.  

We have built an example Real Estate Demo that will show you how we convert all your manual processes into an Automated Workflow.

Automate Workflows to increase productivity and avoid back stacking.

92% of the Buyers and Sellers interviewed say  Communication & Transparency in the processes  are the biggest frustrations they encounter. 

Flowtrics makes this problem is a thing of the past.  Documents, forms, and contracts are all automated from a managed workflow that can be customized and redirected with a click of a button.   Flowtrics delivers everything you need neatly in the cloud-ready when you are.

Transaction Task Automation

Completely automate the transaction process for all parties involved with Flowtrics workflow.   Any brokerage can make a flow of tasks, data, contracts, and documents work together or independently according to defined business triggers and rules.

Communicate & Share work with All Parties

Communication is the key to Workflow.  Having more people Inside and Outside your organization working together with your clients increases Workflow by 56%.  Flowtrics allows you to shared tasks, documents, chat, and assign tasks to anyone to join and complete.

eSignatures, Custom forms and fields

Flowtrics all-encompassing WYSIWYG editor allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of any form, document, eSignature, or contract within your brokerage.  Utilize custom data to populate forms, reports and guide progress.  Save hours and hours by automating permission based data to forms.

Multiple Location & Role Management Feature

Flowtrics Multiple Location & Role Management is an end-to-end broker management solution built for Large Franchises and Companies to small independent brokerages.  Maintain over-site on all offices and manage separate rental offices or departments all in one system.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes, automate your flow, and assign processes to anyone inside or outside the system.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

Complete data, document, and task automation together with Enterprise Content Management
Flowtrics is also valuable to the entire Office Management:

From documents, forms, and contract management to Workflow Automation and Communication, making an informed decision takes the right solution for your industry needs.  Flowtrics delivers everything you need neatly in the cloud-ready when you are.

Paperless Office: Transaction Management & Coordinator & Offer Tracker

The transaction is the largest source of data going through the brokerage.  With Flowtrics, sharing, communication, changes, tasks, faxing, requesting, sharing and much more are all automated and controlled by the Brokerage.  Providing a complete portfolio to track offers and close deals putting you in control of every transaction.

Lead Management, Contact Management and Vendor Management (CRM)

Flowtrics allows you to create, distribute and assign leads and properties to other Agents within your brokerage. Manage your lead cycle to take a new lead and convert them to a client and move through the process of a property purchase or sale.

Manage HR Onboarding for Agents and Employees

Onboard Faster with automated workflows, tasks, documents, forms and contracts.  Prepare all contracts, forms, documentation, and tasks for a new Agents and Employees with a click of a button. The entire process is automated with the template, just sit back and let it work for you.

Create Custom Rental and Sales Processes

Flowtrics leads the industry on the most up-to-date dynamic forms and data.  Brokers succeed when they allow flowtrics to manage their processes because it frees up a lot of time to do what they do best.  Spend more time with Clients.  Let flowtrics help you’re Real Estate Office manage and automate flows.

Form Creation and Form Filling

Flowtrics provides complete access to create any form with our unique form designer and then have them automatically triggered to be filled.

Process And Workflow Automation

Streamline workflows with task automation: track tasks, contracts, documents, and the flow of your matter.  Let flowtrics help you do what you do best, and let us manage the paperwork.

Electronic Signatures and Templates for Paperless Documents

Flowtrics solves the problem of going paperless by allowing completely paperless transactions from start to finish.Never forget essential reminders and documents needed to get the funding done and submitted on time.

Commission Management & Tracking

Leave excel sheets behind. Automacally track and manage agent caps, min, max, commission expense and offices fees per use.

Virtual Agents: Grow without additional office space

Flowtrics is a complete virtual office management system allowing offices to manage and grow virtual agents to the same capacity as a brick and mortar office. Less office space means more money in your pocket.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

Build custom adaptive processes and automate your flow.  Communicate and Share Processes with anyone to help close Transactions Faster.  Take any process or form and make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.