Surgery Center

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Surgical Forms and Document Automation Software
Surgery Center

Automate and manage your complete workflow for your Surgery Center and all of the Doctors, Reps and anyone involved in the surgery.

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Surgery Automation
Providing document automation and
workflow automation to all areas of the surgery

Schedulers, HR, Admissions, Patients and Surgeons all work together in one flow.

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Optimize Operating Rooms
Because they need you NOT Processes

Flowtrics automated the flow and processes of the operating rooms so the surgery center maximize the number of cases.

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Surgery Center

Advanced Interactive Case Scheduling

Flowtrics has maximized case time efficiencies and simplified the case scheduling process.  No more lost faxes, unread emails and unanswered phone calls.    With our real-time scheduling visibility for Surgeons and Practices, flowtrics can work together with Surgery Center, Sales Reps, Staff and others to stay informed about the upcoming schedules in one centralized location.

End To End Case Management with Form Management and eSignatures

Manage cases and everyone involved with the case from the patient and surgeon to janitorial staff.  All documents and data from prep, surgery, cleanup and discharge.  Notify and keep in contact with all important parties to make sure all equipment and supplies are prepared and available.

Faxing is a thing of the past.  HIPAA compliant form creation, control and automation allows any and all forms and documents to be created electronically and sent out to the appropriate parties, remind them to fill and sign, and finally bring the documents and data back to the desired location automatically.

Flowtrics Strategies And Tools For Your Business

New AI Transparent Scheduling and built in custom adaptive processes to automate your cases.  Take any paper form, make it electronic, autofill it and add a signature if needed.

Augmented Communication & Process Intelligence

Processes and Communication are the key to a successful Surgery Center.  Everyone needs to communicate and every party involved has their roles in the surgery which means tasks have to be completed to make the surgery run smoothly.  With augmented communication, you can communicate with anyone involved in the case within the application.  Stay Hipaa compliant by communicating inside the system and  trigger actions or documents to automatically through flowtrics process intelligence.

At the same time, communicate using the Broadcast feature and make announcements to multiple people or groups of people through our broadcast feature through email or text.

WHY Flowtrics?
Easy...more money and decreased stress

Lets get to the Point.  Flowtrics increases revenues and makes all parties happy.  Doctors love the ease of scheduling,  submitting documents and being looped in on the status of the upcoming surgery.  And Surgery Centers enjoy having their revenues increase.


  • No more time spent faxing documents and emailing schedules
  • Doctor Interaction with Scheduling to increase surgeries
  • Forms and Signatures are automatically sent and tracked 
  • It’s simple and user friendly and accessible anywhere
  • Its HIPAA compliant
  • Central Hub for easy communication between everyone involve